Jim Kirwan – International Keynote Speaker

Educate, motivate and inspire your employees, your colleagues, your team to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Help your organization to create a truly healthy workplace environment which enables your employees to optimize their full potential and in doing so, your organization can too.

Keynote Talk 1 – Your New Lifestyle Mission

My first signature talk is designed to educate, motivate and inspire your team to be your best self by developing a fit and healthy lifestyle you can sustain. You can increase your life expectancy but more importantly you can improve the quality of your life, for the rest of your life. Learn about the inactivity epidemic, the importance of moving, the 4 key drivers of success, the X Factor RECIPE and the importance of projects.

Sinead McEvoy, Game On Media’s HR Talent Manager said afterwards: “Thank you so much Jim Kirwan for giving a fantastic talk on the importance of developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle- very insightful and lots of food for thought! “

Keynote Talk 2: FITCEO Optimum Performance

Based on over 40 years of experience, including 14 in the USA, my second signature talk sets out the 6 key ingredients of effective, strategic wellbeing. FITCEO is an acronym and a metaphor and are prerequisites if you wish to implement effective  health and wellbeing strategies in your organization. FITCEO Optimum Performance was the title of Ireland’s 1st. strategic wellbeing conference held in Dublin in November 2017.

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Other Speaking Subjects

Performance Management & Wellbeing

Health & Fitness

The Importance of Moving

The Importance of PROJECTS

Mind Your Brain

The eXercise BASICS Formula

Anyone Can Run

“You Don’t Have To Be Fit & Healthy To Start But You Do Have To Start To Be Fit & Healthy”

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